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Gluten Friendly, Dairy Friendly, Vegetarian and Vegan healthy specialties available. Excellent for nutritional and balanced meals, weight control, fitness regimes, and family meal planning.

Nutritious Family Packs; Back to School, Lunch, dinner, Sides & Soups

Our Food Our Food

All food is prepared in a certified, licensed and sanitary kitchen. All fresh food items should be consumed or frozen within two - three days. Please use your own judgement when eating fresh foods, and if you have any concerns, please discard and we will replace the item. Frozen items should be consumed within 2-3 weeks for optimum freshness. Entrees are best to defrost in your fridge overnight prior to re-heating. Remove the lids and place in a preheated oven at 375 for 10 - 15 minutes . Ovens heat at different rates, and all foods have their own density, so please use your own judgement for reheating. When the edges start to bubble the item is reheated.

Some items are in plastic containers (eg soups) Please defrost, remove from these containers and re-heat in a pot on your stove.

We lightly season our dishes, and in most cases do not add additional salt, sugar or fat. The flavours are delicious on their own, you may wish to add salt or season to taste.

Our Guarantee

This HCD seal represents “The Healthy Chef” commitment and celebration of a Green Living lifestyle. All food sources with this seal are cultivated free of  additives, herbicides, pesticides and are antibiotic free. We emphasize local, organic and naturally grown when organic is not available depending on season and variety. This constitutes a ratio of no less than 60% organic ingredients in our prepared foods, with many of our selections closer to 100% organic. Our prime focus is supporting our local food suppliers who are committed to organic practices, whether certified or naturally grown. Your health is our number one concern. 

This HCD seal incorporates all of the organic living emphasis in our green seal guarantee, with a significant distinction celebrating the Gluten Free diet. Gluten Free cooking must be exact and without compromise. An educated knowledge base of the hidden sources of wheat and gluten in so many of the prepared everyday ingredients is an absolute must for worry free Gluten Free cooking. Cross contamination is eliminated with proper utensil, pan and container protocol. Our guarantee is true Gluten Free. Our variety will not disappoint!

In 2006, the David Suzuki Foundation partnered with four internationally respected Canadian conservation organizations — Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society and Sierra Club British Columbia to form SeaChoice. This is Canada's most comprehensive sustainable seafood program to help Canadians take an active role in supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture at all levels of the seafood supply chain. Chefs can illustrate how easy and delicious sustainable seafood can be as a part of your diet. Our SeaChoice seal indicates our support of their approved avoid list and sustainable fishing practices.

OceanWise is a Vancouver Aquarium initiative for local restaurants and other environmental initiatives. Our Healthy Chef events will include restaurants that follow and support the environmental mission of the OceanWise program. At Healthy Chef the OceanWise seal will help you to confidently identify and choose restaurants that provide environmentally responsible seafood menu items.

This HCD seal incorporates all of the green living emphasis in our green living guarantee, with a significant distinction celebrating a specific dietary or ethnic culinary appetite. As with our green living seal this constitutes a ratio of no less than 60% organic ingredients in our prepared foods, with many of our selections closer to 100% organic.

All of our food is described and identified as below:
GF means Gluten Friendly
DF means Dairy Free
V means Vegan

Our organic chicken is purchased from Maple Hills. Our organic beef is purchased from local Alberta suppliers, currently and our turkey is from Winter's Turkeys. These outstanding suppliers only provide product that you can count on. Our beef is always organic, and grass fed. Our poultry is always certified organic, and we may occasionally purchase from other suppliers, such as Sunworks Farms.
We prepare all of our entrees, soups and salads to a green living standard. On a rare occasion, in Calgary we do not always have access to every produce item organically or naturally, and we reserve the right to use conventional produce and product if required.  Our desserts are delicious, and not designed for the sweet tooth. They are prepared with conventional product from scratch.

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