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Gluten Friendly, Dairy Friendly, Vegetarian and Vegan healthy specialties available. Excellent for nutritional and balanced meals, weight control, fitness regimes, and family meal planning.

Nutritious Family Packs; Back to School, Lunch, dinner, Sides & Soups

How it Works How it Works
Healthy Chef Delivery™ offers products and services for home delivery within the Calgary city limits. Please read the following information thoroughly. It should answer all of your questions! If you have other questions, or require clarifications, please email us at by clicking here or call us at 403-265-CHEF (2433).

1. Product Options
Healthy Chef Delivery™ is your guarantee in Calgary that you are eating healthy meals. That’s our brand promise to you. From our Country or City  Kitchen, we offer a delicious variety of prepared food and meals using organic, natural, anti-biotic free and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. Our goal is to help you to keep your family healthy and offer you convenience and ease.
Category Choices:
Economic Weekly Meal Plan - Click on Weekly Meal Plan and choose 3, 5 or 7 days of Lunch and Dinner prepared and ready to eat. All of our meal plans are designed to be nutritionally balanced and to offer you healthy and delicious choices. You can select from:

• Healthy Mix, or Slim Fit  includes meat, poultry and fish
• Gluten Free
• Dairy Free
• Vegetarian 

Convenience Family Packs and A La Carte Selections of our most popular entrees, salads, soups, and sides. You can order an economy package for 2 - 4 servings, including a soup, or individual a la carte choices. We also have all of our single individual packages available a la carte for your convenience. YOU can build your own meal plans!

Organic, Local or Natural Groceries  is an option that we would like to bring to you.. so keep posted on more news of this!
2. Quick Ordering Steps
Step 1: Create new account by Clicking Here.
Step 2: Add items to your shopping cart from any of the 3 areas.
Step 3: Checkout and make sure you remember your delivery date.
Call us at 403-265-CHEF(2433) if you have any questions on ordering!

3. Ordering Deadline
All orders are due on Thursday midnight of every week. Our primary delivery day is Tuesday, and the website will enable you to select any Tuesday for delivery. If you require a Monday or alternative day, please drop us a line or request this upon order and we will adjust your delivery date at our end. We are not a restaurant, and therefore orders are designed and prepared for you.  This requires shopping, preparation and delivery to ensure you are completely satisfied!

4. Delivery
Healthy Chef Delivery is a convenient and economical way to shop for convenience grocery and prepared food needs without leaving your home. We deliver your food right to your door, with a Healthy Chef Guarantee of quality and freshness.

All orders are delivered to your door on the following days. There is a $13.95 delivery charge per order, and no extra charges for large orders. Please call us if you have a special delivery day, time or requirement. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Please click here to confirm delivery is available in your area of Calgary.

Other days are available upon request.
Calgary Location Delivery Day Delivery Time Last Chance to Order
All Tuesday 2:30 – 7 pm Thursday midnight
All Monday 2:30 – 7 pm Thursday midnight

5. Bin and packaging
Your meals are hand packaged at our city  kitchen with care in a reusable bin with freezer packs. We pack the bin to ensure that your product remains fresh for up to 5 hours from packing, while in transition to your home. For best results, please ensure that you unpack your bin immediately and place your food into your fridge or freezer. 

Please re-use and leave the bin and freezer packs on your front porch on your next delivery date for re-cycling purposes and to ensure no additional cost for packaging.

We recommend that fresh salads and side vegetables are eaten within 24 hours and that fresh entrees are eaten within the first 2 days. Please freeze items that you wish to enjoy later, and keep frozen items frozen until you are ready to defrost for re-heating purposes.

6. Delivery Information
We will leave the product in any location that you request. For example, “on the front porch” or “in the cooler on the back deck”. Please select a cool and shady place.

• When we have no specific instructions we will leave the food in the most protected area, likely your front porch.
• Once the food is left on your property, it is no longer under our care, and is your responsibility, so please be aware of providing properly for your food.
• For those in apartments and condos, please ensure that we have the correct buzzer and passcode information.
7. Recommendations for Best Results We are confident of your food enjoyment! Please follow these instructions to ensure the best results:
• Ensure someone is home or available to accept delivery. Your food is packaged to remain cold for a few hours.
• Place the food in your refrigerator immediately. Food should not be left out or on the countertops once unpacked.
• We deliver fresh and frozen food for optimum taste and value. You may choose to freeze some items, at your discretion. Fresh fruit, vegetable or tofu dishes are not recommended for freezing.
• For best results with frozen entrees, defrost in the fridge for one day prior to cooking.
• We use little or no salt in most of our dishes for health reasons. Add sea salt or other seasonings or sauces at your discretion to customize your dish to your taste!
• Our side dishes are made to compliment your entrees, so try some different combinations for a unique taste treat!
• Reheat your food in the oven at a medium heat of 350, PLEASE REMOVE THE LIDS BEFORE REHEATING.
8. Our Guarantee
All food is prepared fresh for you in a certified licensed, sanitary commercial kitchen. Your meals are prepared fresh and delivered to your home in airtight and sealed Rubbermaid containers. Meals must be refrigerated right away at 33 – 36 degrees, and. frozen items put into the freezer.

9. Important Things to Remember
• Please check your order carefully before you finalize to ensure that you have given us the correct address and telephone number.
• Carefully check all of the information on your emailed invoice confirmation and contact us if there is an error.
• Please secure your pets, to ensure that the driver will not be prevented delivery by a pet issue.
• If you live in a gated community or in an apartment or condo, please give us your gate or access codes, or permission to leave with the concierge or attendant if available.
• Healthy Chef Delivery assumes no liability for acts of nature, and we will contact you at our earliest convenience should such a situation occur.
10. Order Changes or Cancellations
If, after the order deadline, you are unable to accept delivery, please identify an alternative location for delivery. Alternatively, by a 9 am notice on your delivery day, we are happy to take to the food bank or to a needy family. All changes must be emailed in writing by clicking here. We do not process order cancellations. Once an order has been placed, your food is in preparation, and cannot be re-stocked.

11. Terms and Conditions
Please review the Terms and Conditions link for a full review.

12. Privacy Policy
Please review the Privacy Policy for a full review.
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